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Full Name : Chrism.

Date and place of birth :  12th of February 1984, Turku, Finland.

Family Status : -

Town you’re living in : Turku, Finland.

Instruments conversant with : Synthesizers, Piano, Organs.

Previous jobs before music : Media Production.

Description of your Music : Melodic Metal.

Current Record Label :  AFM Records.

Current Musical Status : Keyboardist in Eden's Curse, keyboardist and songwriter in Simulacrum, keyboardist in Adamantra & keyboardist in Epicrenel.
Previous Bands / Projects : Iron Sphere.

First record you ever bought : Pantera – "The Great Southern Trendkill".

Last record you bought : Symphony X - "Underworld"

Top Five albums of all time : Dream Theater - Awake, Symphony X - "V”, Toto - "IV”, Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Trilogy”, Extreme - "II: Pornograffitti”.

Heroes and Idols : Jens Johansson, Kevin Moore, Derek Sherinian, Iiro Rantala, Keith Emerson, Vitalij Kuprij & Kevin Codfert.

Dream band reformation/reunion : Dream Theater with Mike Portnoy & Kevin Moore.

Song you’d most like to have written : Queen – "Who Wants To Live Forever".

Most underrated band of all time : Winger

Most overrated band/artist of all time : Cheek, Kanye West, Emperor, Scorpions to mention a few...

Fondest memory in your music career : Playing at the famous Tavastia Club in Helsinki.

Worst memory in your music career : Playing an epic prog metal masterpiece to a crowd of a few drunks who try to waltz to it =)

Nickname at School : Chrism - we go a long way back Chrism and I ;)

Biggest compliment made about you : “Getting an e-mail from Eden's Curse that they want me to audition”.
Favourite TV show/film : TV: Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, 24, Dare Devil, Twin Peaks, The League of Gentlemen, Rome FILM: Braveheart, Dumb & Dumber, Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, 300, The Dark Knight, Event Horizon, Conan The Barbarian (1982 version), Predator, Commando, Mulholland Drive

Most annoying person on TV : From Finnish Big Brother a guy called Niko Saarinen :P

Things you hate : Putting my socks on in the morning and then walking into the bathroom and straight into a puddle. Going to bed and then noticing you have to get up again to fetch something from the living room.

Hobbies interest outside music : Working out at the gym, watching football, producing music videos for various artists and playing vintage computer RPG like Baldur's Gate!

Childhood ambitions : I had an ambition of getting one album published, playing at Tavastia Club some day and making love to a beautiful woman. At this point in life I have five albums out, have played at Tavastia Club and have had my fair share of women ;)

Short term ambitions : Getting my diploma in Media Production and forwarding my bands to worldwide recognition.

Most prized possession : My health and good humour.

Most annoying and unhealthy habits : Picking my nose, biting my nails, boozing and eating too much junk food. None of the previous are quite as bad as I made them sound ;)

Most embarrassing moment : Getting caught by Mom for stealing some sweets from the shop and realizing I did something wrong.

Place you would most like to visit : Hong Kong, Rome, New Zealand

What makes you laugh : My best mates, The League of Gentlemen and the practical pranks I perform on the sorry souls who happen to be my friends ;)

If you won the lottery : I would probably get hammered and loose the lottery ticket.
Favourite Food/Drink : A cold beer and a juicy steak!

Prime Minister for a day, what would you do : Do something to harden the penalties for pedophiles and rapists in Finland. Here they only usually do a couple of years in jail compared to the USA where they get put away for decades.

Fantasy date for one night, who would you choose : When I was a teen I had a crush on Pamela Anderson but maybe she wouldn't be my first pick for a date anymore xD I think Jessica Alba, Penélope Cruz or Scarlett Johansson would be a good choice!