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John Clelland
John Clelland
John Clelland
John Clelland
John Clelland

Full Name : John Patrick Robert Clelland

Date and place of birth : 23rd August, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Family Status : Married to Barbara and with my lovely daughter, Lily and not forgetting four hairy cats :-).

Town you're living in : Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland.

Instruments conversant with : Drums, Cymbals, Cowbell, a bit of singing, and E Flat Bass during my school days.

Previous jobs before music : Lots, including IT Postgraduate student and IT Technical Writer.

Description of your Music : Melodic Metal.

Current Record Label : AFM Records.

Current Musical Status : Drummer in Eden's Curse. 
Previous Bands / Projects : Code Of Silence, The Crows, The Jack, Ransom.

First record you ever bought : Can't remember, probably something by Blondie, The Police or ELO.

Last record you bought : Within Temptation - "The Unforgiving".

Top Five albums of all time : In no particular order; AC/DC – "Back in Black", Dokken – "Under Lock and Key", Rammstein – "Mutter", Gotthard - "Lipservice", Queensryche - "Rage For Order".

Heroes and Idols : Simon Phillips, Tommy Aldridge, Cozy Powell, Phil Rudd, Rod Morgenstein, Ian Paice, "Wild" Mick Brown, Scott Rockenfield and Lou Gramm.

Dream band reformation/reunion : The band line-up that recorded Don Dokken's solo album - Up From The Ashes

Song you'd most like to have written : "Anytime, Anywhere" by Gotthard.

Most underrated band of all time : Gotthard.

Most overrated band of all time : Oasis.

Fondest memory in your music career : Playing the London Marquee, Recording drums in the legendary Rockfield Studios, Wales, Working on the drum tracks for the debut Code of Silence album and hearing the finished product for the first time and joining Eden's Curse.

Worst memory in your music career : A police escort from a gig in deepest Fife, Scotland, after an onstage bottle throwing incident.

Nickname at School : Stavros.

Biggest compliment made about you : My Father-In-Law saying I was "sterling quality" and my best man saying I was a "fabulous drummer" during their speeches on my wedding day lol. 
Favourite TV show/film : TV show: House, any good documentaries. Films: Rock Star, Spinal Tap, Avatar.

Most annoying person on TV : Simon Cowell.

Things you hate : Slow drivers, people being nasty/cruel/negative towards others, shows like X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.

Hobbies interest outside music : Spending time with family.

Childhood ambitions : To be a respected rock drummer.

Short term ambitions : To do a great job as one half of the Scottish rhythm section in Eden's Curse.

Most prized possession : My Ludwig 402 Snare Drum - a present from Mum.

Most annoying and unhealthy habits : Taking myself too seriously and having a sweet tooth.

Most embarrassing moment : Getting forced to wear a dress on my stag night.

Place you would most like to visit : LA Sunset Strip (preferably back in the 1980s).

What makes you laugh : Faulty Towers, my Wife Barbara, my daughter Lily, and our cats.

If you won the lottery : Play and record drums all day. 
Favourite Food/Drink : Chinese food/Good red wine.

Prime Minister for a day, what would you do : Invite all the world's leaders to meet up, shake hands and go out for a few beers.

Fantasy date for one night, who would you choose : My Wife Barbara.

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