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Eden's Curse Reform


Multinational Melodic Hard Rockers Eden's Curse have reformed and have begun working on their sixth studio album, the follow up to 2016's 'Cardinal'.

Founding member and bassist, Paul Logue, who was recently identified as the unnamed Scottish musician working with James LaBrie of Dream Theater on his upcoming new Acoustic Solo album, made the announcement last weekend during a Facebook Live session commemorating the band's 15th anniversary.

After almost two years apart, Logue commented on why the band decided to reform now: "There were some things in my personal life that required my undivided attention, coupled with the state of the current music scene that forced us to call it a day. However, what shone through during our time away and really pulled us back in was the love that our dedicated fan base still held for the band and our music. It really humbled us”.

Logue went onto add "The camaraderie in the band is second to none, we really missed each other’s company and making music together. So it was inevitable when we all spoke to each other that we all wanted to get back together".

Joining bassist Logue are Serbian vocalist Nikola Mijic, German virtuoso guitarist and original member Thorsten Koehne, Scottish drummer John Clelland and Finnish keyboard maestro Christian 'Chrism' Pulkkinen, ensuring the ‘Cardinal’ line-up returns in its entirety. It will be the first time Eden’s Curse have retained the same line-up since 2008’s ‘The Second Coming’ release.

“It’s been well documented that we have been through several line-up changes over the years, which happens to most bands. But some stability will do us no harm at all and it’s testament (no pun intended) to how well we get on and respect each other’s role in the band. Eden’s Curse has never been, or will ever be, all about one person. It is the sum of all parts. We are thrilled to be back and cannot wait to get to work on the new album” said Logue.

He also confirmed that he is reaching the final stages of production on the acoustic album with James LaBrie, in which he is also joined by Eden’s Curse keyboard player Chrism. He will concentrate on finishing that record before writing begins in earnest for album number six. “I have several basic music ideas, song titles and lyrical ideas, which are popping into my head continuously and being recorded for later use” Logue added.

Until next time,
Paul, TK, Nikola, John & Chrism

Logue & LaBrie Album


Paul Logue is thrilled to announce that after 'ten years in the planning' he and James Labrie from the mighty Dream Theater  have finally written an album together. It's acoustic driven but more bombastic than stripped back.

Paul will also be joined by Chrism on keyboards as well as Marco Sfogli on lead guitar and James' son Chance on drums.

More news to follow as we progress!

Until next time,
Paul, TK, Nikola, John & Chrism