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Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

BBC Radio 6 Music - Bruce Dickinson Friday Rock Show

"That's good stuff that is! Did you fall in love with that voice? I did"!

James LaBrie (Dream Theater)

“I absolutely love this band. Great players and people and they deserve nothing but huge success! They belong with the best of today's music. Trust me, you're going to love this from beginning to end". 

Classic Rock Magazine

Dave Ling [8/10]

“You want first-class musicianship aligned to hummable hooks and growl-free vocals? Look no further than Symphony Of Sin”.


Steve Beebee

“Another heroic tour de force from these melodic rockers whose vast vision encompasses both the metallic and the epic without ever losing focus on its self-styled, contagious hooks”.

Metal Hammer (Germany)

Matthias Mineur [6/7]

“A delicious delight for all lovers of the genre”.

Mike Mangini (Dream Theater)

“They were unbelievable! Their songs are so good. You know what, straight up, I was heading to catering to grab a bite to eat when they started playing and I just sat down saying nothing. I looked at the crew and said are you guys hearing this? They said yeah, they are REALLY good. There is no bigger compliment I can pay those guys”.

Young Guitar (Japan)

"The song of a delicate and powerful new singer completely melts into the band and the musical piece gives the impression that the tender-heartedness that is melodic stands out more than ever before. Thorsten Koehne's playing is thrilling and the neo-classical guitar work is calculated wonderfully to show a fine balance between high quality and super talent while clearly focusing on the music".

Rock Hard (Germany)

Tobias Blum [7.5/10]

"Strong vocal performances throughout and an incredible intuition for creating catchy hooks”.

Rocks Magazine (Germany)

Matthias Mineur

“This phenomenal, talented band is back where they belong with a stunning mixture of deeply melodic songs. Fantastic!”.

BURRN! Magazine (Japan)

Kawai [87/100]

"The music of the band has expanded the melodic hard rock melody and vocal style like a heart beat without having to change from the past. High tones with the strength of the voice of Nikola is slightly different but also gives it a new shine compared to the songs with the previous singer".

Classic Rock AOR Magazine

Richard Thompson [8/10]

"You'll also discover one of the best songs you'll hear in recent months from any band, namely the radio-friendly Unbreakable, which dances and soars with a sure footed purpose. No shortage of positive energy here: Symphony Of Sin is bang on the money".

Bloodstock Radio

Malcolm Dome

"On the new album, with a fresh line-up, they have taken everything to a new level. This is one of the best albums you will hear in 2013. It has instant tunefulness & musical depth”.

Tom Russell (Renowned Scottish Rock DJ)

Rock Sport / Friday Rock Show / 96.3 Rock Radio

"The best Curse album yet, new singer is superb, the album is a cracker”!

Andrew McNeice [97%]

“Power, melody, harmonies and major label production. Terrific songs and a wholly likeable singer brings this band to new heights and kick-starts them into a new chapter with plenty more to come”.

Powerplay Magazine

ALBUM OF THE MONTH - Dave Cockett [10/10]

“Constantly shifting moods, a broad range of tempos and emotions and a full-bodied production make “Symphony Of Sin” an absolute joy!”.

Fireworks Magazine

Phil Ashcroft

"As good as the performances and production are, it's the songs that make these extra touches possible, and on 'Symphony Of Sin' they've got all of the composite parts completely nailed down. A future classic!".

Ruud Peters [10/10]

"It’s a melodic rock feast from beginning to end with smashing guitar riffs, pounding rhythms and flashy solo’s on guitar and keyboard making you want to jump up and down in your living room (or wherever you listen). So if you have a bit of an autumn blues then “Symphony Of Sin” is THE cure. Fists in the air and shout the depression out of your body. Just what the doctor ordered".

Simon Ramsay [4.5/5]

"Until this point, Eden's Curse had released three very good albums that contained moments of greatness. With its all killer no filler track list, 'Symphony Of Sin' is their first truly great album".

Phil Berisford [4/5]

"Eden’s Curse have removed their curse of recent years and bounced back with a class product and a vocalist that can take them onwards and upwards".

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